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Berlin Singing Contest on 23.1.2021 via live stream - it was great...

With up to two hundred terminals connected, the 58th Berlin Singing Contest was a successful review of the last decades in a different format than usual and thus not a singing contest in the true sense of the word. Peppered with exciting interviews, many video and photo contributions, the more than three hours of programme in the video (live) stream were well worth seeing and hearing. There was also a lot of action in the chat room, where people commented and answered many a question.

It was really fun, thanks to the team who gathered, selected and whipped everything together. It was great! The after-party via web conference was also an exciting event. Now we have to wait a year for BESIWE 2022, which we hope will take place in our presence!

The invitation for reference here once again as a document: BESIWE 2021


The Berlin Singing Competition has a long tradition and history. It took place for the 57th time in 2020. Since a few years the RDP-BBB is the organizer.

Impression 2020 (Photo: Patricia Schichl)

Many impressions from the past years and the placements can be found on the external page of the Berlin Singing Competition!

Enjoy your visit...

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