Ring Camp

All four federations participate in the ring camps and more than 1000 participants come together in the partial camps and at the program points. Traditions and rituals can be lived and experienced here, but finding a path is very diverse. At the first ring camp in 2012, the associations were still accommodated on different meadows, but in 2018 there were already mixed partial camps and cooking groups. In the end, everyone was aware that there is a lot to learn from each other.

The camp of the RDP 2018 in Großzerlang

At Whitsun 2018 our second ring camp took place. More than 1100 scouts came together to discuss the topic "migration of nations".

The Camp

We experienced a common camp with almost 1200 scouts and guides from all age groups on the VCP Bundeszeltplatz in Großzerlang, Brandenburg for the second time in the history of the ring. Each of the 6 partial camps consisted of groups of the 4 participating federations and represented a tribe.


On Saturday, there was a program in the individual sub-camps, including a tribal evening where the groups had time for themselves. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday, the individual tribes competed against each other in a big cross-country game.

Church Service

On Sunday morning we celebrated a common ecumenical service at the camp site. In the evenings music and singing from two oases sounded over the camp site.

Thank you

This large warehouse was prepared and carried out by a few employees with a lot of heart and even more sweat. A huge thank you to all of you. [Photos: Simon Dürsch]

The Ring-Camp 2012

The 2012 ring camp was all about the Olympics and the Olympic rings. An exciting program with best weather gave everybody great days at the campground at the waterfront in Großzerlang.

{Photos: HC WINTER, et al.}

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