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This site gives helpful information for scouts and guides in Berlin and Brandenburg and those who want to become one!

We hope you had a good year so far with great experiences and adventures! At the moment it means to be inventive and to break new ground... We hope that we can all go on a trip soon and enjoy the nature and friendships like before!

Be prepared on all your ways and a beautiful sunny spring!


Information Coronavirus and youth (association) work

The Landesjugendring Berlin has a great site at the start:


Foto: congerdesign from Pixabay

The Landesjugendring Brandenburg provides the following information on dealing with the coronavirus and ideas for digital youth (association) work

"We have compiled tips and recommendations for dealing with the coronavirus for organisations and institutions of youth (association) work.


Together with young people, the Landesjugendring Brandenburg e.V. has created an information site to present the most important developments and regulations for the containment of the corona virus in Brandenburg and throughout Germany. https://www.ljr-brandenburg.de/corona-info/

Here are the links to our member associations and the respective federal associations to see the current regulations and accessibility and to find exciting ideas for the time without physical meetings. Also the link to the page of the rings of German scout and guide associations:

BdP Berlin-Brandenburg:  http://www.bdp-bbb.de/  https://www.pfadfinden.de/

DPB Berlin: http://dpb-berlin.de/  https://deutscher-pfadfinderbund.de/

DPSG: https://www.dpsg-berlin.de/aktuelles/ https://www.scoutingneverstops.de/

VCP Berlin-Brandenburg: http://vcp-bbb.de/ https://www.vcp.de/pfadfinden/gegen-das-virus/

rdp/RdP: https://www.pfadfinden-in-deutschland.de/



Vor und nach den Sommerferien wird es Abrechnungssprechstunden geben und Ende August ein Webinar zu den Themen Finanzierung und Abrechnung. Eine Einladung gibt es in Kürze…

Highlights from the past

Scout movement receives International Peace of Westphalia Award - July 2018

Foto: rdp/Christian Schnaubelt

Outstanding commitment to peace

On 14 July 2018, the Internationaler Preis des Westfälischen Friedens was ceremonially awarded in Münster:
Pfadfinden in Deutschland was awarded the Youth Prize!

The everyday commitment of around 220,000 scouts and guides in Germany was honoured by the Economic Society of Westphalia and Lippe (WWL) and awarded the Internationalen Preis des Westfälischen Friedens excellent. "As the world's largest youth movement, Pathfinding aims to contribute to the peace-oriented development of young people so that they can become involved in society as responsible citizens," says Dr. Benedikt Hüffer, WWL Vice Chairman. "With common values such as living together on equal terms, tolerance towards others, but also respect for the environment, pathfinding builds on the ideal that all people can live together in peace". Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The laudatory speech on scouting in Germany was held by the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, who described the scouts and guides as "role models who embody the ideals of a peaceful, tolerant world". The Prime Minister emphasized that today more than ever it is important to stand up for each other and to take care of each other. "What kind of world would it be if everyone followed the principles of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides?" Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

"It is a great honour for us and the entire scout movement to receive such recognition," said rdp chairwoman Ylva Pössinger. Together with the chairmen Anna Sauer, Thomas Kramer and Sebastian Köngeter, she represented the rings of German scout and guide associations at the award ceremony in Münster, Westphalia. At the ceremony, in the presence of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, four active Boy Scouts and Girl Guides from different parts of Germany received the prize on behalf of the Association: Lina Graumann, Rebekka Jaumann, Lena Simosek and Jakob Westarp.

The Internationale Preis des Westfälischen Friedens is awarded every two years, this year for the 10th time. Among the award winners are personalities such as Helmut Kohl, Václav Havel and Carla del Ponte as well as the carolers and the community of young Maltese people.